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Looking To Buy A Home? Work With A Professional Century 21 Realtor For FREE! TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate, Victoria Carter (Broker), Scott Horslin (Broker) and Kirk Rickman (Realtor) are Realtors who help Buyers, including first time home buyers, investors, Seniors, down sizers, upsizers and more, find the perfect home in Northumberland, Quinte, Durham Region and the GTA.

Our Buyer services are FREE, and they are also backed up with GUARANTEES to make sure that you are well informed throughout the entire process of buying a home or condo!

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Our Buyer services are FREE, and they are also backed up with GUARANTEES to make sure that you are well informed throughout the entire process of buying a home or condo!

Contact www.TwoMoveYou.com today at 647-697-7413.
We are happy to help.

Looking for a home with more space? Call TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate, Century 21 Brighton, ON

Looking for a home with more space? Call TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate, Century 21 Brighton, ON at 647-697-7413.

Victoria Carter, Broker, with Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage in Brighton Ontario is an experienced Realtor who GUARANTEES that you will love the home that you purchase, or she will buy it back! This GUARANTEE is in WRITING!

Contact www.TwoMoveYou.com Guaranteed Realtors Victoria Carter, Kirk Rickman and Scott Horslin at 647-697-7413 to get on our VIP list of buyers!

5 Tips to Ensure Your Home’s Showing Is a Success

The purpose of showing your home is to hook a buyer. You want the buyers to come through your house and be impressed – so impressed in fact, that they’re ready to make an offer! You’ll have one chance to make a great first impression on the potential buyers, so make sure to follow these five helpful tips to really make it count!

1. Focus on the outside. Make sure that you don’t neglect the outside of your home. Curb appeal can make or break the odds of someone even bothering to get out of the car to come in. If they pull up and see a home with a lawn that obviously needs edging and has an unkempt flower bed, they’re going to wonder what else hasn’t been cared for properly. You want the outside of your home to be spotless. Clean the siding, the windows, and the doors. Make sure there are no dirt smudges, no cobwebs and that anything that needs painting has been spiffed up.

2. Take yourself out of the house. That means that you want to take out all the personal stuff. Remove the family photos from the wall or tables. You want the home to look neutral so that the potential buyers can look at your house and picture it as themselves living there. Everything should be as neutral as possible in terms of personal items.

3. Remove all the extra clutter you see at first glance. If you look around, it’ll amaze you at how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Some of it might very well be important, but that doesn’t mean that your potential buyers should see it. When you have a lot of clutter, it shrinks the living space of the house. It makes it look and feel cramped and smaller. Many homeowners get something called house blindness. They’ve lived in the home for so long with the same clutter that they don’t even really see it anymore. But a stranger will always notice. So clean out your house and make the space as big as possible.

4. If you have a pet, no one that walks through your house should be able to notice it exists. That means no cat litter box, no dog to jump on anyone, no food sitting around in a dish. Your home should not have any pet odors. Having a clean house that’s odor free is a big selling point. You don’t want to lose a possible deal just because they can smell your pet’s presence or your pet makes a bad impression.

5. Stage your home! You can hire a professional or you can do it yourself. Stage your living areas in a way that shows off your home. You can rent furniture to make your home furnishings look good if you don’t use a stager. Someone who knows how to stage a house knows how to play up the best features of your home and knows what to bring in or get rid of to make the entire house appeal to a buyer.

First impressions are HUGE when showing you home to potential buyers, but by following the simple tips above you will be well on your way to making a great impression and, hopefully, receiving multiple offers! (And if you are at all anxious about this important step, just reach out to a trusted real estate team, www.TwoMoveYou.com, who can help guide you through this process!)

When you are ready to list your home for sale in Brighton, Ontario, be sure to call us so that YOUR house can stand out and get the most money! Call 647-697-7413 and know that we GUARANTEE to sell your home in the time frame and for the money that you want, or we will buy it! www.TwoMoveYou.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Victoria Carter, Broker, Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage
Brighton Ontario

Is a Realtor’s track record important when considering hiring a Brighton Ontario Realtor?

Is a Realtor’s track record important when you consider hiring someone to sell your home?

My name is Victoria Carter, Broker with Century 21 Percy Fulton with locations in Brighton, Ajax, Oshawa and Scarborough Ontario.

If you’re thinking that your choice of agent really isn’t that important, consider this.

We use key systems to market your home and this is really important because more marketing casts a bigger net to a bigger pool of potential buyers, which causes home sellers to sell their homes for more money and sell them faster.

Since selling a home is a major financial transaction, why wouldn’t you hire the most successful and experienced real estate agent to sell your home?

We can summarize the main reasons you want to have your home sold by us.

The first reason is speed. Our team will sell your home fast and that’s not an empty promise, it’s a fact. In hot markets or slow markets in every part of our area, our selling speed is well known.

The second is top dollar. We will sell your home for the absolute most amount of money that the market will bear.

The third reason you want to use us is that we take care of the sale of your home. There’s little or no hassle. We’ll sell your home with every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed. Finally, the most important reason to hire us is that we’re the safe bet.

If you want to move forward and discuss the sale of your home or at the very least get more information at no cost or obligation, please call 647-697-7413 or email twomoveyou@gmail.com and start packing!

Again, this is Victoria Carter with Century 21. Please view my website at www.Twomoveyou.com, and watch our other informative real estate videos.

Thanks for watching!

Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage

TwoMoveYou Real Estate Century 21 Brighton
6 Ironwood Cresent, Brighton, ON K0K 1H0

Do You Need A New Home In 2022? Call TwoMoveYou to find a great home with a written Guarantee!

Are you looking to purchase a home in 2022?

You can purchase with CONFIDENCE as the TwoMoveYou team GUARANTEES your satisfaction in writing.

If you are not completely satisfied or happy with your home purchase with us, for whatever reason, we will buy your home back or sell it commission free! We put this Guarantee in Writing for you!

Give Victoria Carter, Broker, Kirk Rickman, Realtor, and Scott Horslin, Broker, from Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage in Brighton, Ontario a call at 647-697-7413 to schedule your appointment today!

For more information you can always visit www.TwoMoveYou.com/Guaranteed-Services/ as well.

Happy New Year from the TwoMoveYou team!


Where Is The Most Expensive Home In the World? TwoMoveYou has the random facts!

Where is the most expensive home in the world?

Ask the TwoMoveYou team in Northumberland, Ontario… Kirk Rickman, Victoria Carter, and Scott Horslin, Broker Century 21 have the random facts!




4 Reasons To Buy A Fixer Upper in Brighton, Ontario. Handyman Specials. Contractors. Vacant Land

Are you a buyer looking to purchase a fixer upper?
What about a contractor?
Or how about are you looking for that perfect vacant land to build your own home?

Kirk Rickman, Sales Representative,Victoria Carter, Broker, and Scott Horslin, Broker with Century 21 Percy Fulton, TWO MOVE YOU Guaranteed Real Estate, have all kinds of fixer upper deals East of Durham Region.

Are you looking in Brighton? Cobourg? Hastings? Frankford? Belleville? Trenton? … We have the deals!

We have some great properties always in our radar. So if you are looking for Brighton Real Estate, or properties in the area, give us a call.

What are the 4 reasons that you may want to consider purchasing a fixer upper?

647-697-7413, www.TwoMoveYou.com

LOVE THE HOME YOU BUY WITH US, or we will buy it back! GUARANTEED.

Exclusive Listings not found online. Homes For Sale in Durham, Northumberland and Quinte West

Have you been searching for a home or investment property?
Have you had trouble finding a house without a bidding war, or unbelievable expectations?

TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate, With Victoria Carter (Broker), Kirk Rickman (Realtor) and Scott Horslin (Broker) of Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage have an ongoing exclusive list of properties NOT found online.

Get on the VIP list to find out first-hand about houses that are for sale, but not listed on the MLS.

Call and ask to be a VIP buyer! 647-697-7413

Love The Home You Buy Or Well Buy It Back hd TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate, Century 21, Brighton

TwoMoveYou says it over and over again.

Love The Home You Buy… Or We’ll Buy It Back!

No Catch. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Kirk Rickman, Victoria Carter and Scott Horslin, Century 21 Realtors in Brighton, Ontario, servicing all Northumberland Region, Quinte West, and Durham Region stand behind their buyers.

We are not in the business to just sell you any home. We want to make sure that our clients are HAPPY and LOVE their home. We are non-pressure, experienced Century 21 Realtors who want YOU to be happy.

If you don’t love the home you buy with us, then we aren’t happy either. We will buy your home back from you, or we will sell it commission free.

Give us a call at 647-697-7709.

TwoMoveYou stands for Two (Realtors) who MOVE you. Literally and figuratively!

Write out a list of what you MUST have in a house, and a list of what you WANT in an house, then give us a call. We would be very happy to help you find your home!

Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Mistakes to Avoid and Decisions to Make When Moving Up to Your Next Home

If you already own a home and are considering a move up, there are issues to consider.

You will want to sell your existing home at just the right time in order to avoid owning two homes, or just as bad, owning none at all and have no place to live.

If you want to get the best price for your existing home, there are certain things you can do to enhance it in the perspective buyer’s eyes. These fix ups don’t necessarily have to be expensive and can give you up to 10 times the return in the price once you sell your home.

Kirk Rickman, Victoria Carter and Scott Horslin, Century 21 Realtors in Brighton Ontario, can make suggestions as to what should be done to your home.

Plan to sell before you buy, this way you won’t feel pressured at the negotiating table to accept an offer below market value because you have to meet a purchase deadline. Plus, you’ll be able to buy your next home with no strings attached.

If you get a tempting offer on your home, but have not made any headway in finding your next house, you can always put in a contingency clause in the sale contract, which will give you reasonable time to find a home to buy.

Pre-approval is a very simple process that many homeowners fail to take advantage of. It doesn’t cost or obligate you to anything, but it does give you significant advantage when you put an offer on a house, because you know exactly how much house you can afford as you have the green light from your lending institution.

We can help you figure out your affordability.

We work with a number of lenders. We may be able to arrange special financing with one of our mortgage partners.

To find out more, call local Brighton, Ontario Realtors at 647-697-7413 or email twomoveyou@gmail.com and start packing!