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Announcing a rent/lease drop on Unit 2210 21 Carlton St, Toronto, Ontario, a 899 sqft , 2 bath , 2 bdrm single story. Now FOR RENT  CAD2,650 ML . Great value 2 bedroom 2 washroom
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How to Place Your Bed for Good Feng Shui


This article is shared with you, compliments of Victoria Carter, Broker, Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage in Brighton, Ontario

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Written by Anjie Cho

According to feng shui principles, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home because it represents you. 

Just think about how many hours you spend in your bed. You probably devote more time there than any other place. And the time that you are in bed, you are typically sleeping. When asleep, you’re in a passive “yin” state and more susceptible to the energies around you. So your bed placement affects you in your conscious and unconscious states.

Therefore, if you start anywhere with feng shui, start with your bed! If at all possible, always place the bed for the best feng shui. If it’s really impossible, there are some ways to correct it. I highly suggest you can place it in the best way and opt to correct it if you have no other option. Here are some tips to place your bed for good feng shui. 

Commanding Position

In feng shui, we place the bed using the principle of the commanding position. You want your bed located so that when you’re lying in bed, you can see the door to the bedroom. However, you don’t want to be directly in line with the door either. A good rule of thumb is it places the bed diagonal from the door.

It’s understandable that there are many cases in which this is not possible. There’s still hope! If you can’t be in the commanding position, you can correct the bed by using a mirror. Place a mirror so that when you’re in bed you can see the reflection of the door.
Pro tip: I recommend a freestanding mirror which makes it super easy to place and adjust it at the correct angle.

Placing the Bed in Relationship to Doors

Besides the commanding position, there are other guidelines to look out for when placing your bed in relation to the doors in the bedroom.

You also want to avoid any doors opening up directly onto any part of the bed. For instance, when you have a door opening up in line with your head, you may develop headaches. Or if you have a door opening onto your feet, you may have foot problems over time.

Avoid having your feet point straight out the door. This is often referred to as the “coffin position”.

If the only place for your bed is in line with a door, it can be correct. You can hang a faceted feng shui crystal ball halfway between the door and the bed.

Headboard Against a Solid Wall

The head of your bed should be sitting securely against a solid wall. This means that you are supported from the back. I know it may seem like common sense, but I’ve seen people place the beds with the headboard in the middle of the room, or even the whole bed floating in the middle of the room. Always remember, you want the support of a wall behind you.

Second, avoid windows behind the head of the bed if possible. This is especially important if you’re on the ground floor or have eye issues. Better to have a solid wall behind you.

 Space on Both Sides of the Bed Space on Both Sides of the Bed

For adults, it’s best to have open space on the left and right sides of the bed. I suggest you have at least 18” on each side. It’s not ideal to place your bed with one side up against a wall. 

The space on both sides allows a balance of you yin and yang, feminine and masculine, as well as space for each partner (or future partner). If this is not possible, do the best you can to have space on the wall side. You can also place a mirror on the wall that the bed is up next to. This can expand the view of energetically. 

For children, it’s okay to have a bed against the wall as it can give them some support.

Beams, Soffits, and Sloped Ceilings

For the best feng shui placement, you want the area above your bed free of beams, soffits or sloped ceilings. These architectural features above the bed can create unnecessary pressure.

If it’s unavoidable, a correction is to drape fabric to conceal the ceiling feature. If it’s not a large beam or soffit, it may be possible to simply blend the feature into the ceiling by painting it the same color. This makes the dropped ceiling areas less oppressive.

Feng Shui Bed Placement Checklist  

Here’s a quick overview on what you can look out for when placing your bed for good feng shui:

Bed Placement Checklist

  •          Place your bed in commanding position, or correct it with a mirror.
  •          Check that doors don’t open up directly in line with the bed. If it’s unavoidable, correct it with a feng shui crystal ball.
  •          Have a solid wall behind your headboard for support.
  •          Avoid placing your bed on the other side of a toilet wall. 
  •         Have space open on both sides of the bed for the adults in the home.
  •       Avoid beams, soffits, and sloped ceilings above the bed, otherwise, try to cover them with fabric to lessen the impact.


For Lease 804 New Amherst Blvd In Cobourg


Ideal 2 Bdrm Executive Professionally Finished Open Concept Unit W/ Kitchen Island, Laminate Flooring, Ensuite Laundry & An Elevator For Rent For September 1. Lots Of Storage Space, 2 Balconies, 2 Parking & Bright Windows. Perfect For A Professional Who Would Also Like Rent The Commercial Space On Main Flr (Additional $1,000)  


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For Lease Home In Ajax


Fabulous Ajax, Central location with exceptional exposure in a professional plaza now available for immediate occupancy.  

High traffic location at Kingston Rd and Westney.  

Oversized unit comes with reception and waiting room area, 4 private rooms, and a washroom.  

Perfect for a medical practice to compliment other businesses in the same plaza.  

Big and bright reception with high ceilings and filled with sunshine.  

Ample parking in front and side of building.  

$24 per sq foot, plus $12 TMI per sq foot.  


We look forward to helping you find the real estate property/ies of your dreams.  

Kirk Rickman and Victoria Carter
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Etiquette Rules of Defining Personal Space


This article is shared with you, compliments of Victoria Carter, Broker, Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage in Brighton, Ontario

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Written by Debby Mayne

Have you ever been uncomfortable when someone stands too close? Some people don’t seem to understand that putting their face inches from yours during a conversation can have you squirming and looking for the nearest exit.

That person has invaded your personal space. Most people have a certain distance they like to keep from others, depending on the relationship.

About Personal Space

The term “personal space” generally refers to the physical distance between two people in a social, family, or work environment. Think of your personal space as the air between your body and an invisible shield, or bubble, you have formed around yourself for any relationship.

The distance between you and your shield most likely varies from one person to another, depending on a variety of factors, including how well you know the person, your relationship to that person, how much you trust him or her, and your culture. In order to put others at ease, it’s important to understand the importance of personal space.

Determining Factors for Personal Space

The comfortable space between you and someone you know well will probably be much smaller than it would be if you barely knew the other person. With a stranger, it is even greater. Typically, people who live in crowded cities have smaller personal space preferences than those who live in wide-open spaces.

Other factors that determine a comfortable personal space:

  • Male to male
  • Female to female
  • Male to female
  • Professional relationship – any combination of male and female
  • Romantic versus platonic relationship
  • Culture and country

Average comfort levels of personal space distance in the U.S.:

  • Approximately 0 to 20 inches for intimate couples
  • Approximately 1-1/2 feet to 3 feet for good friends and family members
  • Approximately 3 feet to 10 feet for casual acquaintances and coworkers
  • More than 4 feet for strangers
  • More than 12 feet for speaking to a large group

General Rules of Personal Space:

These rules vary according to culture and location, so they’re not etched in stone. They’re here as a guideline for social and professional etiquette.

Here are some basic rules:

  1.           Never touch anyone you don’t know.
  2.           Don’t reach for anyone else’s children, regardless of your intentions.
  3.           Stand at least 4 feet away from a person unless you know him or her well.
  4.        When someone leans away from you, you are probably in that person’s space that makes him or her uncomfortable. Take a step back.
  5.       If you walk into an auditorium or theater that isn’t crowded, leave an extra seat between you and the next person. However, it is acceptable to sit next to someone if the room is crowded.
  6.           Never lean over someone else’s shoulder to read something unless invited.
  7.           Never go through anyone else’s personal belongings.
  8.           Don’t allow your dog to go to the bathroom on someone else’s property.
  9.           Acknowledge personal space on the road. Don’t tailgate when driving.
  10.         Don’t fling your arm around someone’s shoulder or slap anyone on the back unless you know the person very well.
  11.           Don’t enter a room or office without knocking first.
  12.           Don’t cut in front of people in line.

Personal Space at Work

Observing boundaries in the office is important to maintaining professionalism. However, after working with people for years and getting to know them, these lines may have become blurred, especially if you work in cubicles or have an open office concept. Be aware of other people’s reactions, and if they seem uncomfortable, add more space between you.

Keep in mind that others who don’t know you well, including supervisors, may misunderstand what they see. That is why you should observe professional distance while at the office and reserve more intimate gestures for after hours.

If you’re working with a client or prospect, avoid the urge to get too close. The person may not want your service or product if they feel as though you’re intruding on their personal space. You don’t want to turn people off if you’re trying to make a sale.

Work policies:

  • Be aware of company policies regarding relationships with coworkers.
  • Don’t assume your relationship with a coworker or supervisor is personal.
  • Avoid hugging or other familiar gestures, even if you have a personal relationship with them.
  • Only step into someone’s workspace if you know you are welcome. Be respectful if you sense the person is busy.
  • Save personal conversations for the lunch break or after hours.

What to Do if Someone Invades Your Personal Space

When someone gets uncomfortably close to you, there are several things you can do. Keep in mind that being direct may hurt the other person’s feelings, so before speaking your mind, determine whether or not the issue is worth bringing up.

Ways to deal with space intrusion:

  • Accept it.
  • Lean away from the person or take a step back, hoping he or she will take the hint.
  • Come right out and say you are uncomfortable being so close.
  • Explain why you need more space. For example, if you are left-handed and the person is too close to your left side, comment on how you need the space to take notes without your elbow being jostled.

Teach Kids How to Protect Their Personal Space

When teaching manners to small children, show them how to protect their boundaries and respect the personal space of others. Explain how important it is to follow the wishes of people who tell them to back off. Make sure you tell them in a language they understand.

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A Guide to Owning an Above-Ground Pool


This article is shared with you, compliments of Victoria Carter, Broker, Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage in Brighton, Ontario

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Written by Lisa Hallet Taylor

As lovely as in-ground sound, they’re not always feasible to install in the backyard, whether it’s because of the cost, the space available, or the type of soil in the back. An above-ground pool, however, could be an option for enjoying the water during warmer months. 

Above-ground swimming pools range from economical models to more luxurious (and expensive) styles. Many can be enjoyed throughout the year, and some use saltwater systems, which are popular with in-ground models. Above-ground pools also have options for solar heating systems and energy-efficient covers.

Contemporary models may have upgraded features that are usually seen in in-ground models, including advanced filtration systems and pumps to keep them clean. However, even above-ground pools that have built-in systems need a little hands-on work regularly to stay clean and in good working condition.


Follow a Maintenance Checklist

It’s tempting to put off above-ground pool maintenance, but you will pay for it later through water problems or pool liner issues, which are expensive to fix. To ensure that you’re taking proper care of the pool, follow a daily and weekly pool maintenance checklist.


Complete these tasks daily: 

  • Test the pH level to ensure it’s between 7.4 and 7.6. 
  • Test the chlorine level, which should be between 2.0 and 4.0 ppm. 
  • Run the pool filter for 12 to 18 hours. 
  • Check the water level, which should be around mid-skimmer.
  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets. 
  • Check filter pressure and pump operation. 

Once a week, complete these tasks: 

  • Test total alkalinity to make sure it’s between 80 and 120 ppm. 
  • Skim the surface, vacuum, and brush the pool.
  • Properly dose with algaecide, clarifier, and metal control. 
  • Clean the pool deck and surrounding area. 
  • Add chlorine tablets. 
  • If the pressure gauge rises 7 to 9 psi, backwash or clean the filter. 

  Ensure Water Circulation

Above-ground pools have issues with water circulation, which can allow algae to breed. This is particularly evident in the dead spots of the pool, which typically have bad circulation, including behind ladders, around steps, under the skimmer, and in any cracks, crevices, or creases.


The pool’s pump circulates the water, but sometimes it doesn’t do a great job in these dead spots. You can improve the situation by installing return jets that are multi-directional but keep a pool brush on hand to manually circulate water, too. 

  Don’t Forget About the Walls

The pool walls need care just as much as the water inside of them. Avoid letting guests sit on the edges or the top rail of the pool, which can cause damage and crease or crack the sides.

Other hazards that could hit the walls of the pool include falling tree branches and kids that are throwing objects or riding bikes around the pool.

  Winterizing the Pool

If you don’t use the pool for the entire year, it needs to be winterized a the end of each swimming season. This includes:

  • Cleaning the pool thoroughly, and adding a winter chemical kit to the water. 
  • Removing chemicals, cleaning supplies, and the pool’s ladder to store in a safe, dry area. 
  • Running the filter for one hour before disconnecting the motor and pump, also to be stored in a safe, dry place.
  • Lowering the water level to below the return and skimmer. Don’t drain the pool entirely, as it can be damaged by hydrostatic pressure.
  • Adding pool anti-freeze—not automobile anti-freeze—to the plumbing and installing threaded winter plugs to keep water out of the pipes. 
  • Covering the pool with a winter cover.



SUMMER… One Hour EAST Of the GTA


How’s Your Summer Going So Far?  Why not come out an hour EAST of the GTA to be closer to nature, Lake Ontario, Presqu’ile Park and more?  

Affordable homes and a relaxed lifestyle await.  

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Are you looking for a home in Grafton, Ontario? Are you a home buyer looking in Northumberland?  Look no further!
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Remarkable Farm Land, 185 Acres Plus 20 Acres South Of Grafton With Stunning, Unobstructed Lake Ontario Views. It’s A Magical Property Which Features 5 Man Made Ponds And Provides A Park Like Setting In The Centre Of The Property. GREAT POTENTIAL as there are THREE Road Frontages! There are many million dollar homes in the area, and continuing to be built. There is also a possibility of a 4th frontage which is presently an unopened road allowance. MANY Quality built buildings are on this land including a 5 Bedroom, two story residence with a 2 car garage, steel buildings, Pole Barns, Outbuildings, Walkways And More. 5 Bedroom, 3 washroom detached home (approximately 120 years old). Approximately 35% of the land is treed/ ponds. Access to public beach is directly across the street. Farm includes NUMEROUS buildings and features: Barn Hydro, Barn Water, man made ponds, Dry Storage, Fenced areas, Pasture, Loading Yard, Tractor Access. Additional garages, bars, pole barns, 4 Quonset buildings (2 steel and 2 tarp), sheds, workshops, underground garage for all farm equipment and tractors (machinery not included). Services at lot line: Hydro, Cell Service, Internet, Garbage and Recycling, Street Light, Telephone, Electricity. TONS of parking! House has decks, balcony, apartment upstairs. SHELTER VALLEY… LOTS OF FISHING! Trout and Bass! This 205 acres is A NATURE’S PARADISE! 

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